Raffaele Ariante Galleria D'Arte Assisi

Raffaele Ariante's art is created with his heart and soul, he lives in Assisi. His works embodies the love he has for the green Umbrian countryside, spirituality of Assisi, rich in architecture and colors which are rift with the fabric of love and light.

( Assunzione di Maria, 2016 - 1 meter x 1 meter, Euro  3,000.00)

Raffaele Ariante Assisi

Raffaele Ariante - 6C San Rufino Assisi

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Advent 2016

Raffaele Ariante's Artwork in San Rufino, Assisi

Original Sin Collection By Raffaele Ariante

Professor Emidio De Albentiis Raffaele Ariante has a feature that deserves special mention: the oldest archetypes, as in the case of the apple, is able to bring universal symbols turning them; on the one hand the apple refer to original sin (Raphael live fully the size of their Christianity), on the other hand there is all the proper functioning of a fruit that is often the protagonist of memorable still lifes. The transfiguration is also in the style to which I alluded, since, in these apples, unlike the usual, Raphael argues for a gentle expressionism 20CM x 20CM in Wood, Medium Oil

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San Damiano by Raffaele Ariante

Raffaele Ariante - Opere Video

Raffaele Ariante Assisi

Colorato dal contorno Nero Raffaelle Ariante

Raffaele Ariante Assisi

La Basilica by Raffaele Ariente